Vision/Mission Statement

Vision/Mission Statement

            We the members of Archangel Raphael & St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church aiming to provide comprehensive Pastoral Care to the Coptic immigrant and whoever wants to join our church of all ages to grow in the knowledge of Christ and His teachings, to nurture a living and active faith, promote peace, unity, and a sense of social justice within the family and the community at large, and prepare individual Church’s members to develop their full potential as Christians in a changing world. According to the traditions and teachings of the early Church Fathers, and remain a deeply spiritual and biblically rooted people. Under the care of our beloved Father His Grace Bishop Serapion the Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles, Southern California and Hawaii.

We are the Church of all people; every member has his own positive role, being a clergyman, layman, a man, a woman, an adult or a child…. the church of the family as a whole and the church of each member at the same time.         

Encouraging every individual in his daily life; to foster and promote the following:

  1. Good education.
  2. Strong family ties and values.
  3. Successful careers.
  4. Contributing and adding value to the society in which they live.
  5. Serving and helping others who are less able and fortunate.

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